Coir Blankets
Coir blankets are manufactured from a matrix of coir mattings and coir fibre. Here coir mesh mattings are stitched together to form a pouch and then filled with coir fibre. The ends are stitched to form fibre beds, the thickness of which vary from 10 to 25 cms as per the requirement. They are mainly used as wave energy dissipaters.

Coir Blanket is designed to offer you not only strength for your re-vegetation or slope stabilization, but also long-lasting quality for use anywhere from twenty-four (24) to thirty-six (36) months.

To provide this kind of strength and duration, this double net blanket is made using some of the strongest materials, including heavy duty coir rope and coir fiber taken from coconut husks. This gives this coconut blanket the muscle to handle high-flow areas, while still remaining in tact for longer periods of time.

The heavier coir coconut blanket can be used on steep slopes that have a run to rise ration of 1:1.

Blanket - The Function:
The unique qualities of the coir contribute liberally to the functions of the blanket in different capacities and measures, as under. The Coir Needled felt laid as blanket over the vertical drains allows the pore water, which gets collected and accumulated through and into the drain, to move freely to the sides. The Needled felt here acts as separator, filter, and filter reinforcement and facilities drainage during the function. While performing as a separator, the Coir Needled felt at the same item will act as a filter allowing water to pass freely through or into the plane. Again, it tends to confine the supporting aggregate beneath the pressure aggregates able to retain a degree of reinforcement within itself. The installed Coir Felt permits the water entering to be transmitted laterally, away from the areas of loading also. As a barrier, the blanket prevents the inter mixing of materials from either sides also

  • Long-Lasting
  • Great for Stabilization or Longer Growth Periods
  • Heavy Duty Netting Provides Added Stability
  • Can be used in Areas where Strength in Important
  • Capable of Fuctioning on Very Steet Slopes

  • Typical Erosion Control Applications:
  • Slope Stabilization (1:1 to 2:1 slopes)
  • Support in High-Flow Channels
  • Long Term Erosion Control along Riverbanks or Shorelines

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