Coir Logs
Coconut Coir Logs are strong and flexible and designed to aid in stabilization and re-vegetation of sites. Taj coir logs have compact coir cores which form a Coir Web for superior filtration, covered by exterior coir mesh netting.

Coir logs are often used on steep slopes or areas with exposure to waves or currents which cause instability on a site.

Benefits of Using Taj coir Coconut Coir Logs
  • Faster binding of soil
  • Naturally resistant to mold & rot, hence needs no chemical treatment
  • Excellent air and water permeability
  • Enough sunlight passes through
  • Holds the seeds and saplings in place
  • Excellent medium for quick vegetation
  • Degrades over a period of time 2 to 5 years
  • Allows for deep rooting of plants and provides nutrients
  • Easy to install and follows the contour of the soil surface
  • Eco-friendly and non-polluting
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